Our unique range of patented L-Bulgarius products has been developed by Prof. reserve major-general Nikola Alexandrov a renowned scientist.
The products were developed for the Bulgarian Government under the states secrecy laws for the Bulgarian Space Food program.

The products are produced under strict ISO conventions and are now available to you. Licensed to UK company Mastergenie LTD.
Modern understanding of the importance of probiotics from the beginning of 19 century came from Russian biologist and Nobel prize winner, the principal of the Pasteur Institute of Paris Professor Mechnikoff. In his theory “Longevity and rejuvenation of man” prof. Metchnikoff stated that putrefactive processes develop in the human large intestine resulting in toxin production, responsible for the intestinal auto-intoxication that damages all internal organs. Mechnikoff found out that this harmful influence can be eliminated by regular administration of lactobacilli. He arrived at this conclusion after he had found that the long and healthy life of Bulgarian peasants is a result of everyday consumption of fermented milk and other lactic acid products made in Bulgaria. At that time the percentage of the centenarians in Bulgaria was the highest (4%), cancer rate and total sick rate were low. Prof. Mechnikoff wrote: “Our ageing is a disease that must be treated like any other disease” and recommended everyday consumption of lactic acid products. In 1905 the Bulgarian physician St. Grigorov discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus in these dairy products. Daflorn are proud to bring you these products. Now available in the UK.