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Content in 2 capsules (700 mg) daily dose: Calories 9,2 kJ/ 3,2 Kcal.; 400 mg patented probiotic formula, containing over 5 billion active live and latent CFU Lactobacillus bulgaricus DWT1 and Streptococcus thermophilus DWT4, isolated from pure spring water; 206 mg magnesium oxide, containing 114 mg active magnesium, extracted from sea water (30%)*; 60 mg dextrose monohydrate; 34 mg anti-hardener magnesium stearate. Ingredients of the capsule: natural colorant – titanium dioxide and hypromellose. Contains cow’s milk protein.
*Referential intake quantities for an average adult (8 400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).

Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules taken with some liquid before meal.

The product has 11 Health claims in the EU: – L. bulgaricus and Str. thermophilus improve digestion of lactose in people with impaired lactose digestion.
– Magnesium is involved in cell division, maintains the normal electrolyte balance, metabolism and energy production.
– It decreases the sense of weakness and tiredness.
– It supports the normal psyche and the functions of the nervous system, muscles, bones and teeth.

The products are all natural, contain no gluten, cholesterol, preservatives, colorants, GMOs. The probiotic strains are the property of Daflorn and the product is patented in Bulgaria and the US.


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